Custom Touch – Development history

This page listsĀ development history of Custom Touch.

Please visit app introduction to know about what this app is.

Version Updated date and improvement point
2.1.20 2016/10/03

  • Fixed a bug that does not start up “Touch Animation”.
  • Set off the automatic start-up by default.
2.0.7 2015/01/22

  • Add new animation resource.
2.0.6 2015/01/07

  • Fixed application notification.
2.0.2 2014/12/10

  • Changed app icon.
1.7 2014/11/24

  • Improved load speed of touch animation.
1.6 2014/11/04

  • Improved to accept BACK button of terminal.
1.5 2014/10/21

  • Fixed touch prevention bugs.
1.4 2014/09/21

  • Fixed touch animation bugs.
1.0 2014/09/05

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